About the Practice

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Welcome to the website of Dr Alan Burrow and Associates. Our goal, which is to provide a professional service for patients who value their vision, is based on a comprehensive assessment of both vision and ocular health. We therefore allocate approximately forty-five minutes for comprehensive consultations.

A core practice activity is the prescribing and dispensing of spectacles for general and workplace activities. In addition to a range of over 900 frames catering for the vast majority of budgets and lifestyles, digital technology is used to ensure that lenses are dispensed to the highest standards. Particular care is taken when adjusting new spectacles to ensure maximum optical efficiency and wearing comfort.

Various types of contact lenses are also fitted. Our patients are trained in the insertion and removal of lenses, with subsequent follow up assessments to ensure the continued health of the eye. A more recent and exciting development is Orthokeratology, a technique in which a moulding contact lens is worn while sleeping. This allows patients with moderate degrees of myopia (short sightedness) to see clearly without the use of spectacles during the day.

Other services include sophisticated scanning technology for diagnosing diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration and glaucoma.

For the past ten years Alan has written the weekly column “More Than Meets The Eye” which is currently published in the local newspaper “The Independent”. The aim is to provide information relating to all aspects of vision in a straightforward, easy to read format.


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