Advanced Progressive Lenses

Many fields have benefited from technological advances and optometry is no exception. One of the advantages has been the significant improvement in the design and manufacture of sophisticated lenses. As a result of these advances it is now possible to provide premium-performance lenses, particularly for patients with a high prescription or a need for flexible vision. These developments have occurred in three main areas.
New materials have made it possible to produce lenses which are safer, lighter and stronger than previously. With these materials it is now possible to significantly reduce thickness and improve the cosmetic appearance.
Advanced computer design and manufacturing techniques have facilitated the production of highly complex lenses with remarkable precision and consistency. This technology makes it possible to create multifocal lenses with considerably reduced optical distortion. Provided these lenses are correctly prescribed and dispensed, they can restore visual efficiency and comfort for those who have difficulty focusing at near, yet require flexible vision for work or recreation.
Advanced lens treatment processes have improved scratch resistance, optical performance and increased the effectiveness of variable tints. A popular recent development has improved the life and effectiveness of plastic colour-change lenses (Transitions) which vary according to the intensity of sunlight. A further innovation has been a process which incorporates the benefits of polarisation in prescription sunglasses without significantly increasing the thickness.