Spectacle Frames

While many consider a spectacle frame as a cosmetic item, which it is, it is also a vital element in providing an efficient and comfortable solution for all visual defects. Not only are all faces different, but every face is also asymmetrical with the left and right features being similar but different. For example, it is common to have the ears different in size and position as well as a difference in the left and right side of the nose. Furthermore, some people have a high broad bridge while others may have a low narrow bridge.

It is important to take all of these factors as well is the cosmetic features into account in deciding upon a final frame selection. Furthermore, not all frames are suitable for the various lens designs and as such an incorrect frame selection can lead to dissatisfaction with the vision through the spectacles.

For these reasons, we carry a wide range of frames from various manufacturers. Some of these ranges can be viewed by clicking the appropriate links on the right.