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Alan Burrow Optometrist | Modstyle Range | Serving Coffs Harbour, Sawtell, Toormina and the entire Coffs Coast
Spectacle frames form an essential element of an efficient optical solution. The success of complex lens designs is dependent on suitable frame selection. Patients who have not been provided with suitable frame selection advice sometimes complain of symptoms which they consider to be caused by an “inaccurate lens prescription”.

Lightweight frames are a priority for some while for others durability is essential. Alloys which are both flexible and lightweight have made it possible to develop sturdy frames while limiting the additional weight.

Mod Style Eclipse Multiflex frames are specially engineered using ‘memory metals’, making them extremely durable while still being sleek, modern and lightweight while also providing superior style and comfort for those in demanding environments.

In the past, memory metal frames were mostly manufactured in basic traditional styles. However Eclipse Multiflex has broadened the choice with a range that consists of both traditional as well as newer leading edge designs to cater for the more fashion conscious.

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