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Alan Burrow Optometrist | Hoya Lenses | Serving Coffs Harbour, Sawtell, Toormina and the entire Coffs Coast
Our goal is to provide patients with the clearest, most comfortable and efficient vision possible to cope with today’s visually demanding environments. While many occupations previously needed both clear distance and reading vision, today’s increasing emphasis on digital devices frequently requires a multifocal solution providing clear vision at distance, intermediate (eg computer screens , dashboards) and near.
Many major technological advances have occurred since the first commercially available multifocal lenses were launched in the 1950s. Hoya has been at the forefront of multifocal lens development for many years, consistently delivering high quality state-of-the-art lens designs.
Unlike standard progressive lenses, HOYA’s iD LifeStyle FreeForm lenses are optimised to each wearer’s individual prescription, offering wider distortion-free zones with smooth interactions between distance, intermediate and near. Their premium quality Diamond Finish multicoated scratch resistant coatings reduce distracting reflections, particularly when driving at night.
One of Hoya’s outstanding features is its “zero error tolerance” standard. Even high-quality lens designs need to be dispensed with precision as small errors can lead to poor visual performance. Hoya has a quality control system which is superior to the vast majority of its competitors.

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