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Lenses for Computer Operators

Many computer operators experience visual discomfort because of the need to focus at one distance for extended periods. While visual breaks can be helpful, this is not always practical or effective. For those who experience headaches or "tiredness of the eyes" a full eye examination is necessary. In instances where, long-sightedness, astigmatism or a reduced ability to focus at near are responsible, a lens to correct the defect usually alleviates the symptoms.

However, even operators with "normal vision" or those wearing corrective lenses can experience discomfort because of near visual stress. In these cases relief can frequently be obtained with lenses which relax the focusing mechanism or assist coordination between the eyes.

The ability to focus at near decreases with age. This is a condition known as presbyopia, which in the early stages may only affect the reading. However, as the condition progresses it may also impact on computer use, often requiring lenses designed specifically for computer operators. Bifocal and conventional progressive lenses are not ideal because of the uncomfortable head position needed to see through the reading portion of the lens.

To restore clear comfortable vision it is necessary to take many factors into account including the visual environment, individual requirements, personal preferences, the nature of any focusing errors and the level of flexibility in the focusing system of the eye. Fortunately, with the sophisticated designs presently available it is possible to restore the visual efficiency which is essential in our competitive world.